General Provisions:

Name:  The name of the charter school is The Walatowa High Charter School. It is hereafter referred to as “WHCS.”  The governing body of WHCS is the “Governing Board of Walatowa High Charter School” and hereafter referred to as the “Governing Board” or “Board.”

Mission:  Through a community-integrated experiential learning program, Walatowa High Charter School will prepare students to be academically successful, while promoting Cultural awareness, Community wellness, and Leadership, College and Career readiness.

Authority to Operate: WHCS is a New Mexico public charter school that was authorized by the New Mexico Public Education Commission (the “PEC”), in accordance with the Charter Schools Act (NMSA 1978, §§ 22-8B-1, et seq.).  WHCS and the PEC executed a charter contract effective July 1, 2014 pursuant to which WHCS operates.  The charter contract is herein referred to as the “Charter.

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WHCS Governing Board Members:

Audit Committee:  Kenneth Sando, WHCS Board President, Corrine Yepa, Governing Board Member, Kay Toya, WHCS Business Manager, Vincent Madalena, Parent, Carlos Chavez, Community Member 

Finance Committee:  Francine Garcia, WHCS Accounts Payable,  R.V. Wasilewski, WHCS Governing Board Member, Danielyn Pino, WHCS Governing Board Member

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