Walatowa High Charter School Equity Council

Our Commitment to Equity


Through our mission statement, charter school goals and objective and our four core components, the commitment of the Walatowa High Charter School integrated educational philosophy of learning incorporates a balance between traditional life experiences that honor community, family and traditional practice balanced with academic rigor, and physical activity of all students.

The following Four Core Components are designed for every student that attends the Walatowa High Charter School to receive a fair and equitable education.

1.            ACADEMIC:  The academic program focuses on preparing students for admission into an institution of higher education or career programs.  Students are challenged by a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes math, science, ELA, health and technology. 

2.            LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  The major focus of the Leadership Development component is to build strong, well-educated leaders, and increase our community assets, while addressing relevant National and State content standards and benchmarks.

3.            CULTURAL:  This component is aimed at enriching the lives and experiences of our youth on a local, national and global level.  Students are introduced to native and non-native cultures throughout the world to expand their horizons, develop cross-cultural relationships and build a heightened awareness of the impact of world events and lifestyles locally.

4.            WELLNESS:  The Wellness component promotes appreciation of physical wellness, healthy living and traditional cultural practices.  This component highlights the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, while building the “whole” person, in body, mind and spirit.

WHCS Equity Council

The WHCS Equity Council is a group of stakeholders whose purpose will be to become informed of equity as it relates to the Walatowa High Charter School, and provide feedback to the WHCS Governing Board, WHCS Executive Director and/or designee.

WHCS Equity Council Selection Process

This application window was open from December 16th-January 5th, 2020.  At minimum, half of the council members will represent the subgroups named in the Martinez and Yazzie case (students with disabilities, Native American, English learners, and economically disadvantaged). The Equity Council Rubric and Application can be accessed below:

                                                                                                                                         Equity Council Rubric

                                                                                                                                     Equity Council Application