Four Core Components of the Walatowa High Curriculum:

1.         ACADEMIC:  The academic program focuses on preparing students for admission into an institution of higher education or career programs.  Students are challenged by a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes math, science, ELA, health and technology. 

2.         LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:  The major focus of the Leadership Development component is to build strong, well-educated leaders, and increase our community assets, while addressing relevant National and State content standards and benchmarks.

3.         CULTURAL:  This component is aimed at enriching the lives and experiences of our youth on a local, national and global level.  Students are introduced to native and non-native cultures throughout the world to expand their horizons, develop cross-cultural relationships and build a heightened awareness of the impact of world events and lifestyles locally.

4.         WELLNESS:  The Wellness component promotes appreciation of physical wellness, healthy living and traditional cultural practices.  This component highlights the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, while building the “whole” person, in body, mind and spirit.

2017-2022 Charter School Goals and Objectives-Student Annual Achievement Goals

1. Mission-Specific Indicator: For SY 2017-2022, WHCS Full Academic Year (FAY) Students will meet expectations in Reading as measured by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment. 

2. Mission-Specific Indicator: For SY 2017-2022, WHCS Full Academic Year (FAY) Students will meet expectations in Math as measured by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment.

3. Mission-Specific Indicator: College Readiness

For SY 2017-2022, for this goal, WHCS FAY 11TH AND 12TH Grade students will take the Accuplacer Reading, Sentence Skills and/or Elementary Algebra Accuplacer Test and/or ACT/SAT Assessments.

4. Mission-Specific Indicator: Post-Secondary Acceptance

For SY 2017-2022, WHCS High School graduates will be accepted to post-secondary education institutions within the first year following graduation.

5. Walatowa High Charter School will enroll 100% of students in one or more dual credit courses by their graduation date, 80% of whom will complete the course(s) with a passing grade.

WHCS Dual Credit Program

The purpose of the WHCS Dual Credit Program is to offer structured opportunities for qualified high school students to simultaneously enroll in college courses at public institutions of higher education (IHE) that provide pathways that lead to an industry-recognized certificate or degree as well as provide entry-level job skills.

WHCS creates a seamless pipeline throughout a student’s four years is top priority for all that are engaged in the WHCS community.  The use of relevant data helps each student transition properly and most effectively, from one grade level to the next and undeniably has created a culture of love and academic success as WHCS instructors and staff is both directly engaged in the holistic health and wellbeing of their students and their families.

NMPED Indian Ed. Department Involvement

·         JHHS/Tribal Programs: Social Services, Behavioral Health Counseling

·         World Heritage Language Course – Keres and Hemish. (POJ Education Dept.)

·         Pueblo of Jemez Education Department, Pueblo of Zia Education Department, Pueblo of Kewa Education Department.

·         Tribal Court/WHCS Restorative Justice Student Discipline. (POJ Education Dept.)

·         Pueblo of Jemez and Zia Cultural Presentations

·         Tribal Attendance Policy (POJ Education Dept.)

·         Tribal Ed. Collaborative (POJ Education Dept.)          

·         Community School Model

·         POJ Transportation Department (POJ Education Dept.)

·         POJ Public Works


                                              Federal Programs for English Language Services