9/24/2022 - WHCS Safe-to-Return Plan 

x - Students' academic achievement is assessed multiple times during the school year to identify student performance levels and to address student achievement gaps. Curriculum is differentiated to each student's needs using in person and a diversity of adaptive learning software, high dose personalized instruction and tutoring services are being provided.       


  5/29/2020: Please see YouTube video links below for the COVID-19 Communication Team’s latest videos:

Video 7: Shopping Tips : https://youtu.be/1yi6XmSCjw8
Video 8: Message from Tribal Administrator : https://youtu.be/hq0FlpmHWG4
Video 9: Illegal Dumping : https://youtu.be/4wh3qfT-Ziw


Governor: K-12 school closings must continue to prevent potential spread of COVID-19 


Students with special needs will receive all feasible supports and accommodations that can be delivered while maintaining safe social-distancing. School districts must continue to support the transition of children from early intervention into preschool special education. Schools offering behavioral health services will remain open for that purpose.


Individual districts will design measures by which seniors can demonstrate eligibility for graduation. Those measures could include testing, completing a series of assignments, achieving a set score on a college entrance exam or demonstrating applied work experience. Schools will be required to identify and support students in danger of not being able to graduate.

High school seniors will have until June 19 to demonstrate eligibility, and those who fail to do so will be offered credit recovery in the summer; they can also appeal to their local school board or to the secretary. No student will be denied graduation for lack of access to demonstrate competency.

Actual graduation ceremonies will be postponed or held virtually, depending on the prevailing public health order at the time.

Many high school seniors will have completed a college entrance exam already; additionally, many higher education institutions are expected to waive that requirement, and both the ACT and College Board are considering offering those exams in the summer.


Advanced placement exams will be offered online and will be limited to material students should have covered up to March. Accommodations will be made for those students who need access to technology to take the tests. 


School personnel and contractors will remain on call and continue being paid as usual. Districts have already received guidance on activities employees can continue performing during the closure. Bus contractors are encouraged to continue operating bus routes to deliver food and hard-copy lessons. Special education and other service contractors are encouraged to provide virtual services, collaborate with general education teachers and maintain documentation.


With schools closed, some children may be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect in their homes.  In addition, teachers, school administrators and other school staff are often the first to notice changes in behavior and appearance that may indicate abuse or neglect. New Mexicans must fill this void and be extra aware of the safety and well-being of children they know and those in their neighborhoods. Any citizen can report suspected child abuse or neglect by dialing #SAFE from their cell phone or by calling 1-855-333-SAFE from a landline. 


The Behavioral Health Division of the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department is working with the New Mexico Human Services Department and managed care organizations to help providers and families create digital access to mental health services for children and youth. 


Tribes, pueblos and nations are located in some of the most rural parts of New Mexico and often experience extreme health care provider shortages. The governor and state agencies are collaborating with tribal leaders to support their needs in these times. 

These state agencies will continue working with the tribes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Indian Education to support students who attend BIE and tribally run schools: Indian Affairs Department, Public Education Department, Children, Youth and Families Department and Early Childhood Education and Care Department.

Please click HERE for COVID-19 Statewide Response Referral Numbers 
SBA Disaster Loan Program- The Small Business Administration provides federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information, or to apply: https://www.sba.gov/disaster-assistance/coronavirus-covid-19 COVID-19
Business Loan Guarantee Program-The New Mexico Economic Development Department (NMEDD) has created a program to assist businesses seeking emergency loans or lines of credit to deal with negative economic impacts from COVID-19. For more information, or to apply visit: https://gonm.biz/about-us/covid-19-response/
Unemployment Insurance- If you have lost your job or had your hours reduced because of COVID-19, assistance might be available to you. In response to the public health emergency, some of the usual requirements have been waived. To find out if this program can help you please visit: www.dws.state.nm.us/COVID-19-Info
Congress has passed two large pieces of legislation to support our public health response to COVID-19 and begin providing relief to workers and families. Please rest assured that as Congress continues to work on a comprehensive response, I will continue to advocate for more testing kits, additional personal protective equipment, and other health care needs. Securing the necessary supplies for our state is one of my top priorities as we work together to address this crisis. The safety of you and your loved ones is of the utmost importance to me. I encourage you to contact any of my offices if I can assist you in any way. My staff will be answering voicemails and continue to assist constituents while they work remotely. Please continue to be in contact with me and my office about the coronavirus by emailing: CoronavirusResponseNM03@mail.house.gov
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