Ms Warren's Classes:


Comprehensive Health: This course is aligned to CCSS and NM Standards for Health and Wellness.Three separate source curricula are utilized;

1. McGraw Hill Glencoe Health books.

2. Native STAND - sexual and reproductive health curriculum meeting the needs of Native teens.

3. Academic workbooks, 'Anxiety Workbook For Teens' and 'Sexual Trauma Workbook For Teens'.

These books are used for health instruction, assignment completion, academic vocabulary as well as to generate critical thinking and discussion.


Academic Vocabulary:

News media, Latin and Greek etymology, non fiction articles, grammar instruction and practice are used to expand student vocabulary. Textual understanding, creative and critical writing define the purpose of this course.


Public Speaking:

Seniors take this one semester class, culminating with an evening presentation for participating students and their families at Walatowa Visitors Center. Seniors are prepared for the inevitable reality of required Public Speaking. Study of famous and native teen poetry. Group recitation and personal reflective sensory poems are shared with the audience.Extended in-depth writing is an integral part of this advanced course.


Creative and Critical Thinking:

This is a one semester course to expose Junior students to the science and neurobiology of memory, practical memorization and MindMapping techniques.Students produce a MindMap indicating their dreams, hopes and desires in the fields of career, travel, education, family, traditional and material future goals.


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