United States History: Course Syllabus and Guidelines

Students in this course will analyze and evaluate the impact of major eras, events and individuals in United States History taught in the following thematic units:

Introduction to Culture

Elements of Culture, Family Patterns, Social Structures


Industrial Revolution, Locomotives, Petroleum, Automobiles, Panama Canal, Turn of the 20th Century Inventions, World War I Tech, Depression Era, World War II/Cold War Tech, Space Race Tech, Computer/Internet Era

U.S. at War/Foreign Policy

Imperialism, Spanish-American War, WWI, Isolationism, WWII, Cold War (including Korea and Vietnam) Iraq/Afghanistan

Economic History

Reconstruction, Robber Barons and Monopolies, Growth of Cities, Roaring 20s, Great Depression, New Deal, Post War Boom, 1970s and inflation, Reganomics, Post 9/11 Economy, Deficits and National Dept

Social Change

Labor Unions, Muckrakers, Progressives and reform Movements, Prohibition, Rise of Pop Culture, Dust Bowl/Depression, Baby Boom, 60s Protests and Counterculture, Yuppies, Generations X, Y, and Z

Civil Rights

Reconstruction Amendments, Jim Crow, Suffrage, Key Supreme Court Cases (Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. Board, Roe v. Wade) Roles and Methods of Key Civil Rights Advocates, Voting Rights Legislation, ERA, Minority Rights Movements.

Social Studies Blueprints can be found here: