Student Parent Handbook:

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When it is necessary to impose discipline, school administrators and teachers will follow a progressive discipline process. The degree of discipline to be imposed by school officials will be in proportion to the severity of the behavior of a particular student and will take into account the student’s discipline history, the age of the student and other relevant factors. The school code of conduct has been adopted to protect and foster respect for the rights of WHCS  students and staff. Infractions of this Code of Conduct are grouped into three levels based on the severity of the infraction, and each violation of the code may have from one to three levels of consequences. This matrix represents the recommended guidelines in the disposition of discipline situations for the high school.  Depending on the circumstances of the behavior or education status of the student, responses may vary from situation to situation.


Student Parent Handbook:

NOTE: Some schools refer to these as "Student Agendas".

Discipline Matrix: